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The Buffalo Grove Board has withdrawn the proposal for a massive Downtown. Here are the press articles.

Dec 17, 2014, Daily Herald:
Controversial Buffalo Grove downtown plan gone, but tensions remain

Dec 16, 2014: Chicago Tribune/Countryside:
Trustees unanimously vote down referendum during heated meeting

Dec 15, 2015 Journal Online:
Buffalo Grove Candidates File Petitions For Open Seats

Dec 15, 2014, Daily Herald:
Sussman, Braiman file for Buffalo Grove president

Dec 10, 2014: BG Countryside/Chicago Tribune:
Downtown Buffalo Grove plan withdrawn, groups assess next steps

Dec 8, 2014: Daily Herald, Letter to the Editor:
Sussman the only one who is listening

In an unexpected turn of events, Chuck Malk has withdrawn his proposal. Here are numerous news articles.
Daily Herald, 12/9/14 Controversial Buffalo Grove downtown plan dies

Quotes from this article in the Chicago Tribune:
Chicago Tribune: Downtown Buffalo Grove plan withdrawn, groups assess next steps

“I plan on running for president of the Village of Buffalo Grove in the spring election,” Sussman wrote. “As far as I am concerned, this is a political decision and not an economic decision. They want to give the residents of Buffalo Grove a false sense of security. How convenient that this decision was made right before petitions are due at Village Hall.

“Everyone now realizes how powerful the Save Buffalo Grove group is. This grass roots group is organized, intelligent and up to speed on everything that is going on in the Village. Their membership keeps growing. As I said to [Village Manager Dane] Bragg and Braiman, this, meaning Malk’s Downtown Development, will probably be put back on the agenda on April 8th or thereabouts, after the election. Where does it say in this press release that CRM Properties or Malk will not try to lower the costs at some point or submit a new concept proposal in the future? I guess the village just wasn’t ready to ‘go through the whole dog and pony show and then some.’”

Journal Online: Buffalo Grove’s Downtown Plan Is Nixed, Much Higher Cost For Project Than First Thought
Read the article here


You can see the proposal in its entirety here:
Village Documents of the Current Proposal for Developing the Golf Course

Events are moving quickly now. We need your help more than ever! On October 30, Chuck Malk submitted a revised plan for the golf course. Although he has less land for his project, his proposal grew to take up the entire golf course and include the creation of man-made lakes. His proposal also no longer includes a future home for Public Works. He means to tear it down, but he has no intention of replacing the structure.


You can see the proposal in its entirety here:
Village Documents of the Current Proposal for Developing the Golf Course


On October 31, the village published the new plan and announced that Chuck Malk would make a presentation to the Village of Buffalo Grove Board on November 3rd. At that time, the Village Board would also vote on whether to send the project to the Planning and Zoning Commission for further evaluation.


As you probably know, Malk made his presentation and the Village Board voted to send the proposal to the PZC for further evaluation. It was a very interesting meeting that revealed a lot about Chuck Malk and our village board. For instance, although Chuck Malk plans to tear down the Village Hall, Public Works and the Police Station, he has no intention of actually paying to replace any of the village buildings that he plans to destroy. That will be our problem, apparently.


The Village President made clear that we were not to discuss money or financing of the project, although it is publically acknowledged that the plan will cost at least $300 million dollars. Naturally, money came up over and over again. No one seems to know or want to say who or how anyone will pay for this calliope. Over the protests of many residents and in the face of vocal opposition and a standing-room-only crowd, the Village Board predictably voted to send the project to the PZC. Trustee Beverly Sussmann was the only board member to vote against sending the plan to the PZC.

Now that the plan has gone to the PZC, the village has posted a schedule of upcoming events. As you can see, the PZC will hold workshops (open meetings) on Nov 19, Dec 3, Dec 17, and Jan 7. The Village Board will convene at the board meeting on Jan 19 2015 to consider the proposal.

We hope concerned Buffalo Grove residents will attend those meetings. Speak out! Bring data! Bring photos. Do whatever it takes to make your point.


Please check out these news articles for more information about the Buffalo Grove CRM Properties Development.

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