Strong opposition by Oakwood Hills residents prompt withdrawal of plans for power plant

OAKWOOD HILLS, Ill. — The developers of a plan to build a gas-fired power plant in the northern Illinois village of Oakwood Hills have withdrawn their proposal, ending a project that drew strong opposition by residents, officials said Wednesday (9/24/14).

Enventure Partners and Northland Power, a Canadian company, were hoping to build a 430-megawatt natural gas-fired power plant that would supply electricity to 160,000 households. The developer’s decision not to build came after the resignations of Village President Melanie Funk, Village Attorney John Cowlin and Trustee Beth Gorr.

Chris Reining, a leader of the opposition, said the proposal’s sudden demise was a surprise. The opposition group surveyed the village’s approximately 2,000 residents, and nearly “900 people were against it,” he said. “Through the hard work and dedication of hundreds of people showing up at events; fundraising; canvassing neighborhoods; coordinating with elected officials and legal counsel; conducting research and a myriad of other tasks focused on this common goal,” Reining said, adding opponents are thrilled by the victory.

Oakwood Hills is located in McHenry County near routes 176 and 47.


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