History/Purpose of Save Buffalo Grove – 10/06/2014

In August, 2012 a developer (CRM Properties Group Ltd, 740 Waukegan Road Suite 400, Deerfield, IL 60015, 847-948-6500, Chuck Malk President, cmalk@crmproperties.com) proposed to the Buffalo Grove Village Board that the Village sell the Buffalo Grove Golf Course to his company and he would build a downtown area consisting of residential, recreational and retail properties on 65 acres of the land. The Golf Course Club House/Restaurant, Village Hall, Public Works and Police Department buildings would be demolished and new buildings would be relocated elsewhere (possibly along Old Checker Road).
The Save Buffalo Grove group is not in favor of converting open space into a downtown and has been voicing its opinion in this manner to the Village Board since 2012.

The mission of Save Buffalo Grove is to formalize actions against having a downtown Buffalo Grove built on the Buffalo Grove Golf Course, provide public education on the issue, raise and distribute funds, provide accurate record-keeping of activities and provide checks and balances for these activities. The Save Buffalo Grove Steering Committee consists of Brian Costin, Leon Gopon, Barbara Monsen, Dan Petersen, Bruce Rehberger, David Weidenfeld and Marilyn Weisberg. Information on the downtown proposal and Save Buffalo Grove comments can be found on the savebuffalogrove.com website.

The Save Buffalo Grove Steering Committee:
Is in regular contact with the Village Board and Village Manager
Has representatives attending Village Board meetings
Has submitted a FOIA request to obtain information on Village activities regarding the downtown proposal which was denied by the Village
Is mounting a petition drive to request that any approval to sell the Golf Course be done through a binding Village referendum
Continues to hold public education meetings on downtown proposal activities
Collects funds to provide information to the residents regarding our position against the downtown proposal
Will find and support Trustee candidates with our mindset on the downtown project proposal for election

The Save Buffalo Grove Steering Committee maintains a growing mailing list of over 500 supporters and has about 700 signatures on petitions to hold a binding referendum for the sale of the Golf Course.
As of today no formal approval has been given to the developer to build the downtown. The Village Board spent $79,000 in residents’ tax money to have an outside engineering firm (Burke) do a building and feasibility survey of the Golf Course completed. The factual information provide noted a modified downtown proposal can actually be done on 58.5 acres if $21 million is spent to remediate the land to handle stormwater by raising the area to be built on by 2.5 feet and moving the Farrington Ditch.

Any resident should feel free to express his or her opinion on the downtown proposal to the Buffalo Grove Village Board via email at villageboard@vbg.org.


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