Response to downton proposal

Correction. If they expect the costs of the projects to be borne by the developer through the TIF district what that really means is a massive property tax hike for you and me.

Basically, a TIF district would allow the developer to keep a large share of their property taxes for redevelopment purposes, and not pay their fair share into the school districts, county, township, municipality, park district, community college, etc. We end up paying more to make up for the TIF developers short changing the system for a minimum of 23 years.

Nevermind the issue of where are they going to get the money to destroy and rebuild village hall, public works and possibly the police HQ. Hint: Us!

If they use a TIF district it means higher property taxes for you and me for at least 23 years.

This is cronyism. Giving special benefits to a single corporation/developer is highly unethical. Add this to all of the other issues (environment, open space, traffic, flood control, etc.)

I noticed that they are proposing a tax incentive to Rohrman for up to $350K per year for up to 10 years. That’s more money than what they collect for licenses and permits city wide, every year. Instead of giving Rohrman this incentive they could zero out the license and permit fees for 10 years and give all business and residents a significant tax cut.

I think if we want to stop the downtown BG project we should fight all of the corporate tax incentives proposal by the village. I see their justification down the road being, “well we gave these other guys incentives, so we have to give CRM an incentive too”.

Every time they trot out an tax cut incentive for an individual business for economic development, we should counter with a general tax or fee cut for economic development for the entire village.


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