Recap of 9/8/2104 BG Board meeting

Thank you to all who were able to be at last nite’s Board meeting.

It was a packed house (SRO). The Herald has a report on the meeting in today’s paper. The engineering report was discussed and the conclusion was that Malk can’t have the 65 acres he wanted to build on. The buildable space is maxed out at 58.5 acres and the Lake Cook Road frontage will be reduced. His design will be significantly altered because of this. The Trustees voted (4-2) to tell Malk his original plan is DOA and ask what would be his interest now that his original plan has to be changed. Stein and Sussman voted no. It appears the slow speed of the process will continue. So we’ll be waiting to to see what response the Village gets from Malk.

Keep up your emails to the Board to let them know a downtown is not a benefit to BG. I’m told by a Trustee that he gets about one email a week on this. Be sure to let the Trustees know that the majority of BG residents are NOT in favor of a downtown and keep it up. Thanks.

Also, there was some good news last nite. Rohrman is taking one of the empty car dealerships on Dundee Road and is opening a Rorhrmax dealership on the property. It will have about 300 cars and 45 employees. Operations are supposed to start next week. Hopefully things will go so well at the Rohrmax that Rorhman will expand into one or two of the other empty dealerships or other car dealers will want to move into them.

I’ll be placing the information I brought up to the Board last nite, plus more, on the website.



One thought on “Recap of 9/8/2104 BG Board meeting

  1. H. Ellison September 15, 2014 at 7:51 pm Reply

    We are interested in placing a “save buffalo grove” sign on our lawn. Ours is a corner house on Wyngate & Woodhollow, 761 Wyngate Ln.

    H. Ellison

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