Floodway Characteristics

Municipal Code 18.14.060 Floodway characteristics.

Within the designated floodway, the construction of an appropriate use will be considered permissible provided that the proposed project meets the following engineering and mitigation criteria and is so stated in writing with supporting plans, calculations and data by a registered professional engineer and provided that any structure meets the protection requirements of Chapter 18.18.

Channel Modification. If the proposed activity involves a channel modification, it shall be demonstrated that there are no practicable alternatives to the activity which would accomplish its purpose with less impact to the natural conditions of the body of water affected. Possible alternatives include levees, bank stabilization, flood proofing of existing structures, removal of structures from the floodplain, clearing the channel, high flow channel, or the establishment of a stream side buffer strip or green belt. Channel modification is acceptable if the purpose is to restore natural conditions and improve water quality and fish and wildlife habitat. Water quality, habitat, and other natural functions would be significantly improved by the modification and no significant habitat area may be destroyed, or the impacts are offset by the replacement of an equivalent degree of natural resource values. The activity has been planned and designed and will be constructed in a way which will minimize its adverse impacts on the natural conditions of the body of water affected, consistent with the following criteria:

The physical characteristics of the modified channel shall match as closely as possible those of the existing channel in length, cross-section, slope and sinuosity. If the existing channel has been previously modified, restoration of more natural physical conditions should be incorporated into channel modification design, where practical


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