Village Manager reply to 7 reasons to not develop the BG Golf Course

Good Morning Mrs. Hesse –

Thank you for your email. While I will refrain from answering any of your inquiries that involve policy-level decisions of the Village Board, I would like to offer some background on certain items mentioned in your correspondence.

In terms of disposal of the property, the Village has acquired the property under its home rule authority and could potentially sell or lease the property in the same manner. That is not to say that a referendum is precluded, however, it would have no binding effect.

In terms of floodplain modifications, the water retention requirements are unknown at this time, should modifications be made to the existing floodplain. Further study by Christoper B. Burke & Associates will provide more guidance to the Village on this aspect of any future development potential.

Any floodplain modification requires a capacity enhancement for existing floodplain storage. Thus, a modification has the potential to improve downstream flooding concerns, rather than create additional problems.

The funds for the study were allocated within the 2014 budget. The Village Board approved the contract and appropriation for the study, in addition to the budget. No employees were furloughed to pay for this study.

As for future phases, the outcome of this phase must be known before additional studies or plans are developed.

The existing property is all tax-exempt. If the Village moves forward with any development, there is only a net increase in revenue to be gained. There is no way to lose revenue that isn’t currently generated. A TIF district’s life span is 23 years under state law, but may be retired sooner than that.

As to your comment pertaining to the Village and bankruptcy, is it your belief that the Village of Buffalo Grove should continue to subsidize the operation of the course regardless of the cost? Are you willing to pay increased property taxes to not only operate the course but also underwrite the improvements that are needed in the next 5-10 years?

Thanks –
Dane C. Bragg, Village Manager
Village of Buffalo Grove


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