Save BG announces Political Action Committee and requests donations

Dear Friends of SBG,
We are pleased to announce that Save Buffalo Grove is now, officially, the Save Buffalo Grove Political Action Committee, SBC-PAC.
See the Press Release, below. Please show your support by sending in a donation–$5, $10, $25, $50–this will help us launch the SBC-PAC and jump-start our mission actively and aggressively.
Donations can be made in 2 ways:
Send a check to Save Buffalo Grove, 737 Bernard Drive, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
Use the PayPal Donate Button on the SBG Website: go to

Save Buffalo Grove forms Political Action Committee
July 16, 2014. Buffalo Grove, Illinois. Save Buffalo Grove, has formed the Save Buffalo Grove Political Action Committee, to be abbreviated as SBG-PAC when permissible, under Illinois law.

The citizen’s group, Save Buffalo Grove, has grown from a small number of individuals to a large body voicing their concerns and opposition to the demolition of community buildings and sale of the land occupied by the Buffalo Grove Golf Course for the construction of a large commercial Downtown Buffalo Grove Development.

The group’s efforts, prior to forming the PAC, have included educational meetings, a petition drive for a community-wide referendum on the Downtown Development; a website; a mailing list, and the development of a steering committee.

The stated purpose of the SBG-PAC is to protect and preserve the quality of life for residents of Buffalo Grove through the preservation of existing open space and recreational areas; to solicit and receive voluntary contributions for political campaigns; and to involve the public in educational an advocacy efforts.

The SBG-PAC is registered with the Illinois State Board of Elections and is empowered to act as a political action committee in accordance with Illinois election laws governing campaign finance and other legislation.

“The PAC gives us new opportunities for fundraising, community advocacy, and education,” says Leon Gopon, SBG-PAC President.

“Ideally, the SBG-PAC will find, endorse, and back candidates who support our mission,” says Dave Weidenfeld, SBG-PAC Vice President.

“Now we can openly solicit funds, have fundraising events, and use our funds for PAC-related activities. These may include polling and targeted advertising. Our records will be transparent. We can do more to educate the entire community regarding the implications of the downtown development and how sad it will be to lose this land to another commercial development. I think that being a PAC will give us more clout,” says Marilyn Weisberg, SBG-PAC Communications Director.

About Donations

Donations to the SBG-PAC will be used to fund activities and services that further the SBG-PAC mission, including:
Supporting political candidates.
Conducting polls of BG residents on opinions regarding the Downtown Plan.
Conducting targeted advertising campaigns, using email, direct mail, robo calls, social media and print media; purchasing special lists.
Retaining engineering, legal, public relations, and other consultants.
Hosting community meetings and educational events.
Creating and distributing educational and promotional materials, such as lawn signs, t-shirts, and buttons.
The SBG-PAC goal is to implement a community-wide referendum of citizens before the Village sells and develops any land for commercial development.



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