April 2, 2014 Flood Plain meeting

SBG Community Education Event
Please Attend

The Flood Plain on the Buffalo Grove Golf Course:
Questions & Answers
with Darren Monico, BG Village Engineer

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
7 PM-9:30 PM
Village Tavern and Grille
48 Raupp Road

In response to concerns about development of the Buffalo Grove Golf Course, which sits on a large flood plain, we have invited BG Village Engineer, Darren Monico, to meet with Village residents and respond to a number of questions about the flood plain, including those below.

Feel free to bring additional questions . Time permitting, Mr. Monico may be able to address them.

Thank you, SBG Steering Committee

Preliminary Questions:
1. What is the definition of a flood plain?
A. What is a flood control area? How does this differ from the flood plain area?
B. What do we have on and around the BG Golf Course?
2. What are the dimensions of the floodplain on the BG golf course? Do these dimensions ever change?
3. How much water accumulates when it rains?
4. What is the “compensatory” reservoir requirement for every foot of rainwater?
5. Where does the water go now? How is it absorbed? How is this land different from other land masses?
6. What agencies/organizations/government bodies oversee the flood plain? Who in particular?
7. What state/federal/county laws and regulations apply to the flood plain? Preserving it? Managing it? Changing it? Developing it?
8. How many communities are involved in issues associated with this flood plain?
9. Where will all the water go if the flood plain is altered?
10. What laws and regs apply to any reservoirs? How many villages/cities would be affected?
11. How would changes in the flood plain affect flood risk and flood insurance for local residents and businesses? (for instance, if redirection of flood waters cause local homeowners and businesses to experience new or greater flooding?)
12. What are the expenses associated with moving or altering a flood plain? Where would this money come from? What would be the planning process/timeline for such a change?
13. Are there inherent weaknesses in the land within the flood plain that make development on it more risky?
14. What additional environmental issues are associated with changing this or any flood plain?
15. If the floodplain is altered, who will be liable for addressing any new flooding issues that take place as a result of changes made to the flood plain?


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