Feb 3, 2014 Village Board Discussion on Golf Course Enginering Study

Points were brought up to the Board regarding the hazardous material that could be encountered in the process of performing the engineering study and soil borings. The capabilities of Burke engineering to do the study were questioned. The Board and Village Manager noted that Burke has done all of the flood plain and drainage work in BG for many years and they would be capable of performing the study without problem. Dan Petersen, who does this type of work feels the Board is not properly aware of the situation.

The Village is paying the entire $79,000 fee for the study so the Village will not “owe” the developer or anybody else who pays the fee as a third party. This also gives the Village the ability to move to a different developer if it so decides after the study is completed. This ensures CRM (the developer) does not have exclusive rights to the project. Currently there is no written agreement between the Village and CRM.

The resolution to approve the engineering study passed 5 –1. Bev Sussman voted “no” because she felt the developer should pay for the study. There is a report on the discussion and vote on this item in the 2/4/14 Buffalo Grove Daily Herald. Any work done to the flood plain/drainage area must result in at least a 20% improvement over existing conditions. Again, some of the main logic on why the resolution was approved centers around the point that the Board and staff cannot make an educated decision on whether to go further with the downtown project until they know what the options, pluses, minuses, feasibility of building on the golf course, etc. are/is.

After the meeting I spoke with the Village Manager (Dane Bragg) regarding the proposed public meeting on the golf course flood plain. He feels we should still plan on having a preliminary meeting led by the Village Engineer in late March or early April. This meting would discuss what flood plain information is needed. Then there could be a follow-up public meeting (possibly in the early summer) to discuss the information obtained from the study. I also mentioned to Dane that the Save BG group would like to expand its concept to include more of the entire economic development in BG. We offered to provide at least one member to serve on a commission or committee, or assist with, the economic development efforts of the Village. Dane said he would get back to me with a prospective date for the first flood plain meeting.

As mentioned in an earlier post, the engineering study was delayed by the long winter and was to be completed by July, 2014.



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