On the record: Trustees positions on a Downtown Buffalo Grove referendum

Referendum Position Name, Position
? Jeffrey S. Braiman, Village President
? Jeff Berman, Trustee
? Steve Trilling, Trustee
? Beverly Sussman, Trustee
 Supports Mike Terson, Trustee
 Supports Andrew Stein, Trustee
 Maybe Lester A. Ottenheimer III,  Trustee 

Trustee, Mike Terson

3/15/2011: Buffalo Grove Patch Candidate Questionnaire

“What I am saying is that I think it is an idea worth discussing and considering, and if at the end of the day there are too many negatives and/or the residents say no to the idea through a referendum, then it isn’t a good idea.”

Trustee, Andrew Stein Trustee 3/6/2013: Trustee Candidates Weigh in on Downtown Referendum

Trustee candidate Andrew Stein said if the proposal advances, he would be in support of putting the sale of the golf course to a referendum.

“If we held referendums for every tough decision, we wouldn’t be governing as we were elected to do. I do feel, however, that there are times when referendums are necessary, such as taxing decisions and when converting a substantial amount of public land to private use,” he said. “I do agree that there are those times when we need to reach out and say, ‘What would you like to do?’”

Trustee, Lester Ottenheimer

3/6/2013: Trustee Candidates Weigh in on Downtown Referendum

Trustee candidate Lester Ottenheimer said his position would be based, in part, on when a referendum would appear on the ballot. There currently isn’t enough information about the proposal to put it to a public vote, he said, and holding a special election for that purpose could be expensive.
“If there is going to be a referendum, and if I decide to support a referendum, which I am leaning towards doing, I don’t think a referendum should take place until all the facts are known,” he said.


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