Save Buffalo Grove Flood Plain Meeting 4/2

Please attend
SBG Community Meeting

BG Golf Course Flood Plain
Questions & Answers

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
7 PM-9:30 PM
Village Tavern and Grille
48 Raupp Road

Background Information:

Why a meeting on the flood plain?
Because there is a lack of good information available on the golf course flood plain and regulations surrounding it; many residents worry about what will happen if the Village decides to build on the flood plain.

Save Buffalo Grove (SBG) asked the Village to answer some fundamental questions about flood plains and, in particular, the golf course flood plain. This has evolved into the April 2, 2014 community meeting.

Has a proposal for the Downtown development been approved?
NO. Village officials say the Downtown Plan has NOT been approved and very little has been done on it in recent months.

Village officials say they are currently in an information gathering phase regarding the proposal to build a commercial downtown on 65 acres of the Buffalo Grove Golf Course.

To facilitate transparency, SBG has issued a FOIA (Freedom of information Act) request for copies of all Village communications regarding the Downtown Plan.

Did the Village Trustees approve a feasibility study to determine if the golf course is suitable for development?

Yes, the Trustees approved a feasibility study in February and it is now underway. The Village contracted with an outside engineering firm to complete the feasibility study by June 2014. It will yield a set of recommendations.

Did SBG voice opposition to the feasibility study?
Yes. Three members of the SBG Steering Committee stood up and talked at the February Board meeting; they voiced strong opposition to the feasibility study and to building on the golf course flood plain. There were about 15 members of SBG at this particular board meeting.

What’s on the agenda for the April 2 Flood Plain Meeting?
SBG gave the Village Engineer 20 questions to answer on flood plains in general and the golf course flood plain, in particular. We expect to hear basic flood plain information from Darren Monico, the Village Engineer.

In light of the feasibility issues, it is unlikely that Mr. Monico will provide any specific building plans at this time.

What has to happen before a Downtown plan can go forward?
The Village might need several years to secure the necessary approvals, permits, and rights before they can clear any land and begin building. Financing may also be a major hurdle.

At this time, it is unlikely that the Village Engineer will be able to comment on this approval process for the Downtown Plan. He will probably try to present in a neutral and bias-free way, when it comes to supporting or not supporting a Downtown Plan.

Where did this idea about creating a Downtown BG start?
In August, 2012 developer (Malk) proposed to the Buffalo Grove Village Board that the Village sell the Buffalo Grove Golf Course to his company (CRM) and he would build a downtown area consisting of residential, recreational and retail properties on 65 acres of the land. The Golf Course Club House/Restaurant, Village Hall and Police Department buildings would be demolished and new buildings would be relocated elsewhere.

What is SBG’s position on the Downtown Plan?
Save Buffalo Grove, a citizens group, is not in favor of converting open space into a downtown and has been voicing its opinion to the Village Board since 2012.

What’s the mission of SBG?
The mission of Save Buffalo Grove is to preserve the environment and green space of Buffalo Grove, to promote a beautiful community, and to help our public officials make wise decisions in this regard. Our initial objective is to oppose the development of a Downtown Buffalo Grove on the Buffalo Grove Golf Course.

What kind of organization is SBG?
SBG began as a small grassroots group of concerned citizens, but we have grown considerably. As a result, we are now beginning to formalize our organizational structure for greater impact and transparency in terms advocacy, education, and fundraising.

Who runs SBG?
SBG has a five-member Steering Committee composed of Buffalo Grove residents.


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