ALERT-Downtown Buffalo Grove project to be discussed on 2/3/14

A point of information:  The contact between the Village and the engineers on this proposal appears to have begun on 5/28/13 (eight months ago) and was revised on 12/30/13.  So while we were being told that there was nothing to tell us, the Village was actively working on getting a feasibility study done that will cost the Village $79,000.Buffalo Grove flooding
The downtown Buffalo Grove proposal will be discussed at the 2/3/14 village of Buffalo Grove board meeting.   A resolution to have a consulting engineer do a build-able assessment of the golf property will be up for approval.  Details of the items to be discussed are contained in the Board meeting agenda packet located on the Village web site, Here is a summary of what is included.
The resolution is to assess golf course flood plain characteristics, conduct hydraulic modeling of wetland and soils investigation and develop a buildable area plan.  The engineers will develop two alternatives to accommodate the two waterways running through the golf course (Buffalo Creek and Farrington Ditch) and provide a detailed outline of expected permitting and timelines.   The engineer is Christopher B. Burke Engineering (CBBEL).  The study will take 160 days, determine project feasibility and could refine the Buffalo Grove master plan.  Information obtained may be used for development purposes other than the proposed downtown project should the Board chose to pursue other options.  No traffic analysis will be done and the project could involve significant regulatory permitting.
Engineering recommendations will be in accordance with regulations of:
  1. Lake County Watershed Development Ordinance
  2. Metro Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago
  3. IL Department of Natural Resources – Office of Water Resources
  4. US Army Corps of Engineers
  5. IL EPA
  6. IL DOT
The engineering study will:
  1. Document existing floodplain/floodway and wetlands on the site
  2. Do preliminary sizing of relocated waterways (concept sketches will be done)
  3. Quantify  the amount of floodplain and floodway fill
  4. Provide wetland impacts and storm water detention/water quality requirements
  5. Evaluate 2 alternative plans and each will include a small creek thru the center of the site with an overflow channel around the east or west side of the site
  6. Maximize useable Lake Cook Road frontage.

THE ENGINEERING STUDY SUMMARY REPORT COMPLETION AND PROJECT COORDINATION MEETINGS ARE SCHEDULED FOR 5/30/14. Cost of the study is $79,000.  There will be additional costs of 35 soil borings to be done by a sub contractor, Testing Service Corporation, totaling $23,800.  Total costs of the entire engineering study are not to exceed $79,000.

Save Buffalo Grove – Engineering Study Contract


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