Recap of December 16, 2013 BG Village board meeting

Nothing was mentioned at the 12/16 BG board meeting regarding the downtown BG proposal.

However here is some other information covered that may interest you.

1.  The village web site is being redesigned.  Some of the changes are already visible.
2.  There was a discussion on the approval of the Phase 1 study regarding the Weiland Road project.  The plan has been adjusted through several meetings with residents and modifications consists of:
    A. Reduced lanes north of Aptakisic
    B. Realignment of the curve south of Mirielle subdivision.
    C. Addition of pedestrian beacons along the road.
    D. Keeping old Prairie Road open to Aptakisic.
    E.  Lane width modifications for bicyclists.
3.  Police revenue for 2013, through October, is about $584,000 (tickets, tows, fines, etc.),
4.  There will be a vote to abate (reduce) BG Village taxes for next year by $204,500 or 1.85%. The Village property tax rate will drop from .9603/$100 to about .9340/$100.

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