Press Release: Save Buffalo Grove (SBG) Launches Petition for Referendum

Save Buffalo Grove, a burgeoning group of citizens opposed to the sale of the Buffalo Grove Golf Course for a mega-Downtown Development, has launched a petition drive for a community-wide referendum on the plan proposed by C. Malk, of CRM Properties.  The grassroots group is pursuing a referendum and other strategies to ensure that the Village Trustees act in the best interests of the community.

“The Downtown project, as proposed by Malk, has tremendous implications for our taxes, environment, business climate, zoning, housing, education, roads, and public safety,” says Dan Petersen, organizer of Save Buffalo Grove.  “These issues, given the magnitude of this proposed plan, need to come before the community at large.”

Save Buffalo Grove held its first meetings in October and November, and plans additional meetings in early 2013.  These will include small discussions with the Village Board members, and larger public meetings with the citizens of the community. SBG plans to bring in experts to advise them on the various issues.

“Public resources shouldn’t be used to prop up a risky private development,” says Brian Costin, Buffalo Grove resident. “Buffalo Grove taxpayers spent millions to build the municipal campus and golf course, and it shouldn’t cost taxpayers a single dime to demolish and replace these valuable assets. We are getting organized to make sure the village addresses these concerns, and we will be conducting our own independent research to inform the public of our findings.”

“As a grassroots group, we want to be involved with the Village leadership, working with them, not against them.” says Leon Gopon, resident.  “Our Trustees are just in the early stages of considering the Downtown Plan, but things can sometimes ramp up quickly, leaving many citizens in the dark.  We want to make sure there is community awareness and involvement in the process and decision-making.”

“The trustees may believe that only residents surrounding the golf course are concerned about the Downtown Plan, but I think this is an incorrect assumption,” says Marilyn Weisberg.  “This new Downtown Plan stirs up concerns among most residents about what happened to the BG Town Center, how it was planned, how it has evolved, and how the Village lost control of it.  People don’t want to see this happening all over again.  Plus, anyone who drives along Lake Cook Road will be affected—this is a huge number of commuters and residents. “

Language in the Referendum petition:

Save Buffalo Grove

Call for Village Referendum (Vote) on Downtown Buffalo Grove Plan


Whereas: The Buffalo Grove Village Board of Trustees is exploring a potential sale of 65 acres of Village property, including half of the Buffalo Grove Golf Course and the municipal campus, to a private for-profit Downtown Buffalo Grove Complex managed by CRM Properties Group.

Whereas: The proposed Downtown Buffalo Grove Plan calls for the demolition and relocation of the Buffalo Grove Village Hall and Municipal Campus.

Whereas: Citizens of Buffalo Grove are concerned about the fiscal cost to taxpayers, the environmental impact, and potential detrimental effects on the quality of life that such a project would pose on Buffalo Grove residents.


We, the undersigned citizens and business owners of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, petition the Village of Buffalo Grove Board of Trustees, to conduct a community-wide, binding referendum (a vote) prior to any project approval, sale of any property, or the expenditure of any taxpayer dollars on the Downtown Buffalo Grove proposal by CRM Properties Group or any other developer.



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One thought on “Press Release: Save Buffalo Grove (SBG) Launches Petition for Referendum

  1. Glenn Hankins October 11, 2014 at 4:54 pm Reply

    Please save the golf course. Glenn Hankins

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