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Beverly Sussman-PresidentBIO (pdf)Website
email: beverly@aimbp.com

Dave Weidenfeld-Trustee BIO (pdf)
email: VoteDaveWeidenfeld@att.net

Dan Petersen-Trustee BIO (pdf)
email: VoteforDanPetersen@gmail.com

Adam Moodhe-Trustee BIO (pdf)
email: adam@adammoodhe.com

Please contact the candidates directly via email if you’d like to work on their campaigns and/or get their lawn signs

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Election Day: April 7, 2015
Early Voting: March 23-April 4, 2015
Request a Mail-In Ballot: Until Noon on April 2.

Vote April 7th

Join Us for Our Election Soiree


Join us at the Continental Restaurant in the Party Room starting at 7:30pm along with our wonderful candidates! We will watch the election results roll in and relax after the long campaign.

Appetizers will be served, cash bar.

Thank you to Continental Restaurant for providing the room.

Event hosted by: Save Buffalo Grove

More About Save Buffalo Grove

Save Buffalo Grove is a grass-roots community organization and political action committee composed of residents and business owners in Buffalo Grove, advocating for the best use of our open, green spaces; best quality of life for all residents; and the best climate for economic growth and prosperity.

What’s at stake in this election?

You may think that the fight over the BG golf course is over, but think again. If the incumbents are elected, they are likely to bring back another, similar proposal.  We want to ensure that this does not happen, AND shift the focus to improving our existing retail areas, and making BG much more receptive to small business.

We want to ensure openness and transparency in government, with leaders who reach out more to the community, seeking greater input from residents. During the fight over the golf course, what we saw were Board members, except for Trustee Sussman, who thought they could railroad a huge project through without first considering all the options or getting public input.

The majority of the Board was ready to give away a huge parcel of land to an outside developer, forever changing the southern half of Buffalo Grove. We do not want to go through this again!

How You Can Help:

  • Join our mailing list! Get news and updates.
  • Donate Please donate to SBG–$5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $100–whatever you can. Use the paypal Donate button to your right or email lawnsigns@gmail.com
  • Volunteer to help SBG and the candidates: send us an email at savebuffalogrove@att.net or to their individual email addresses.
  • VOTE in the APRIL election.

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