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Save Buffalo Grove is a grass-roots community organization and political action committee composed of residents and business owners in Buffalo Grove, advocating for the best use of our open, green spaces; best quality of life for all residents; and the best climate for economic growth and prosperity.

We are Still Here

The fight over the BG golf course is over. Thanks to our supporters, Beverly Sussman won the election for Buffalo Grove President and Dave Weidenfeld unseated Trustee Terson to win a seat on the Village Board. Adam Moodhe has taken a seat on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

We think this has been beneficial for the Village. Government needs fresh minds and new ideas to function well. It is unwise to leave the same people in the same positions for too long, and our election efforts shook up the status quo. That was a good thing, and we owe you, the voters of Buffalo Grove, our heartfelt thanks for participating in the electoral process and helping to elect our candidates.

Now that the election is over, we are still interested in whatever happens in Buffalo Grove. We still want to see improvement in our existing retail areas, and and we still want to see BG become more receptive to small business.

We still value openness and transparency in government, and we prefer leaders who reach out to the community, seeking greater input from residents. There will be future elections and we exist as a PAC to help candidates who share our values and to do what we can to help keep the qualities that make Buffalo Grove a great place to live.

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