The BG Board Has Withdrawn the Downtown Proposal

The Advisory Referendum Question has been withdrawn by the BG Board.

The PZC meetings on the Downtown have been canceled permanently.

We will continue to support good government and good candidates.

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Welcome To Save Buffalo Grove (SBG)

We are a grass-roots community organization and political action committee composed of residents and business owners in Buffalo Grove, advocating for the best use of our open, green spaces and best quality of life for all residents.

We Are Concerned About The Proposal for
A Massive Downtown Development on the Buffalo Grove Golf Course Land

The Buffalo Grove Village Board is moving forward with a proposal, from Charles Malk, for a massive Downtown development on virtually all of the Buffalo Grove Golf Course. It’s real, it’s happening now.

Does this concern you? Do you know what’s at stake here and how it will impact your home, your taxes, and your life in Buffalo Grove?

We believe this plan, if implemented, will profoundly change Buffalo Grove–the southern half in particular. The Downtown plan has NOT been approved yet, but it’s moving forward. Changes would include:

  • Demolishing the Village Hall and Police Station and moving them north to Old Checker; demolishing the Public Works building and moving it–where, we do not know.
  • Raising the entire golf course 2.5 feet, at a cost of $21 million (before any building can occur), moving the Farrington Ditch, changing Buffalo Creek, and altering the flood plain and patterns.
  • Adding high density housing–700 homes/town homes; 350,000 square feet of commercial office space; 450,000 square feet of retail, and parking spaces/garages.
  • Changing traffic flow, lanes, and lights to accommodate entry/exit on all streets surrounding the golf course, including Lake Cook, Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Raupp, Church, Old Checker, Checker and Hamilton Roads, and all feeder streets.
  • Creating (likely) a TIF District with serious and long-term implications for our taxes.

This is a multi-million dollar plan and it’s not clear yet who is paying for it and how.

How You Can Help:

  • Attend and speak out at Village Board and Planning/Zoning Commission Meetings! The Downtown Proposal is on the agenda Dec 3, Dec 17, Jan 7, and Jan 19. 7:30 PM. Village Hall.
  • Join our mailing list! Get news and updates.
  • Sign the Petition for Referendum! This calls for a Village-wide vote before the Board sells any land and gives the green light to any outside developer.
  • Donate and get Lawn signs! Please donate to SBG–$5, $10, $15, $25, $50, $100–whatever you can. Get a lawn sign for a minimum donation of $10. We will even deliver it to you! Use the paypal Donate button to your right or email lawnsigns@gmail.com
  • Volunteer to help SBG: send us an email at savebuffalogrove@att.net.

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